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Talent Management

Talent that Meets Your Evolving Demands

Integrated Performance Consulting (IPC) offers a step change in talent management that produces a robust workforce even in uncertain times.

We use the IPC Integrated Capabilities Model™ to guide the selection of the talent management capabilities of utmost value to your organization. For example, you may need to be capable of moving leaders rapidly across geographies or maintaining a deep bench of technology experts. Such strategic insights inform how to shape critcal practices, so you are able not only to solve your high-impact people issues but also shore up your know-how to manage talent on an ongoing basis.

Our proprietary models will bolster your ability to have the right people where and when needed.

Practices in Sync with Strategy and Success

IPC develops talent management practices that fully support and anticipate your goals, objectives, and strategies.

Our approach helps you see the interplay between people management levers, business plans, and critical organizational capabilities. Greater clarity leads to better choices about how to use your resources against the most important talent management efforts and ensures the workforce remains in sync with how you operate. You will be able to manage talent in a way that moves you beyond solving urgent or short-term capacity and competency gaps to sustainable, business-grounded practices.

IPC’s know-how will strengthen your ability to have the employee expertise on hand as organizational demands shift.

Learn more about how to have the talent to support your present and long-term success, and reinforce your critical organizational capabilities.

Some specific offerings and their associated outcomes:

  • Breakthrough Talent Management Strategy™: Insight as to what people gaps to tackle and how to do it
  • Talent Management Capabilities Development: Advancement of your organizational competence to manage talent
  • Talent Management Practices Formation: Redesign, development, and implementation of any or all of your people management processes and practices
  • Competency and Skill Frameworks: Stronger people practices grounded in custom leadership, functional competencies or skill models
  • Success Profile Development: Frameworks and infrastructure that clarify what it takes to be successful in your organization