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Change Agility

Transforming Your Ability to Change

Integrated Performance Consulting (IPC) provides two-fold support. First, we help achieve discrete change objectives such as the implementation of a new operational direction, technology system, work process, or shift in culture. Second, we can develop your core ability to manage change, using our proprietary IPC Change Capability Framework™. This framework defines seven distinct components we can adapt to your organization.

IPC’s insight into what comprises an organizational capability in change and build it to maturity will help you master this essential business differentiator.

Change agility techniques applied to specific initiatives or built as an enterprise foundation creates exceptional results.

Change Focused on Profitability vs. Process

Our way of integrating management of change within the day-to-day business overcomes shortfalls of traditional approaches. Often, change efforts are glorified project management exercises that are mechanical and process-laden; organizations make limited progress and individuals grow weary at best.

IPC’s pragmatic, goal-oriented approach avoids traps that can slow change, add costs, consume resources, and compromise quality. To do so, we relentlessly and efficiently target value-added actions and enduring changes in behaviors and mindset. We cut through to the meaningful shifts that must be made to create lasting transformations.

With IPC, change is not layered on allowing for a focus on profitability.

Learn how IPC can leverage its framework to facilitate how you steer change.

Some specific offerings and their associated outcomes:

  • Change Initiative Management: Strategic or operational change efforts facilitated effectively
  • Change Capability Development: A change capability that will work for your enterprise